Banquet Hall Facilities

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The Summerville Fire Hall is available for rent. It has been used for wedding receptions, birthday parties, funeral receptions, public meetings, and events. Available with the hall are tables and chairs for up to 150 people. It is a wheel chair accessible facility.

The hall, formerly an old schools house, has undergone extensive renovations since construction in 1883. It consists of a large auditorium 2 3 approximately 55’ by 27’ with an extension 2 of 15’ the length of one side and a raised stage 16’ by 9’. There is a newly renovated kitchen with a cooler, refrigerator, dishes, dishwasher and serving utensils. Cooking appliances are not available for public use, catering services are available.

hallRental hall

Rental Options:

  • Main Hall only $200.00/day or $25.00/hr.
  • Kitchen $100.00/day (serving purposes only)
  • Additional decorating time @ $15.00/hr.


Funeral Receptions

The hall is available for funeral receptions and includes catering for $250.00

Hall Rental

To enquire about hall rental, call the hall at 633-2680 and leave a message, or email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Hall Rental Rules

  1. Daily rental is $200 and any additional time is $15 per hour for decorating and set up if it is needed.
  2. Without exception, a $200 damage deposit is to be paid prior to the event, but will be reimbursed as long as a post-function inspection finds no damage or problems.
  3. The maximum capacity at any function is 150 people.
  4. Decorating materials should be fire-rated.
  5. Only 20% of wall space can be covered or decorated.
  6. Anything attached to the hall, such as drapes, blinds, and pictures are not to be removed.
  7. No hay or straw is to be used for decorating.
  8. Candles may only be used during sit down banquets.  No open flame is permitted during dances.
  9. The use of packing/duck tapes during the application of decorations is prohibited.  Masking tape or putty-type material may be used.  
  10. Liquor-related functions should conclude ½ hour past the designated liquor license closure time of 1 a.m., to allow patrons/public time to leave.
  11. Property not belonging to the department is to be removed after the function.  Exception to this will be at the departments discretion and property left in the hall will be at the owners risk.  Property not removed by 12 noon the following day will subject the renter to additional hall rental fees similar to the hourly rate described in the rental agreement.  
  12. A member or members should be present during all rentals, with the preferred number of members for liquor related functions being three.
  13. Emergency Exits are to be kept clear and assessable at all times.
  14. Liquor related functions will be controlled in accordance with all current Liquor regulations.

Mission Statement

"To provide quality Fire Protection, Fire Prevention Education, and Fire Rescue Services to protect the lives and property of the Residence of Summerville and surrounding communities."

Emergency Information Questionnaire

Please fill out the Emergency Information Questionnaire online. Questionnaires can also be downloaded filled out and dropped off at Fire Prevention Open House, faxed, or mailed in.

Contact Us

59 Summerville Wharf RD
Summerville, Nova Scotia
B0N 2K0
Non-EmergencyPh# 633-2680
Fx# 633-2732

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In Case of Emergency Call 9-1-1