about truck2 

Truck #2 Water Master Vacuum Tanker

This truck was built by E-One on a 2012 International Work Star chassis with a Max Force 13 Diesel Engine and Alison EVS 4000 Automatic Transmission. It is equipped with a 1050 GPM Hale Mid Ship Pump, 2950 IMP. Gallon Aluminium Pressure Tank, & 3000 IMP. Gallon Porta Tank.


about truck3 

Truck #3 Pumper Tanker

This truck was built Built by Fort Garry Industries on a 2007 Sterling LT9500 chassis with a Cat C13 Engine and Allison EVS 4000 Automatic Transmission. It is equipped with an LDM 1500 Darley Mid Ship Pump and an internal poly tank with a capacity of 2350 IMP. Gallons. The pump is also equipped with a Foam Pro 2000 foam injection system.


about truck4 

Truck #4 Rescue Utility

This truck was built by Tri-Star industries on a Ford F350 Diesel chassis. It has a 6 foot High Rise Space Cap, 2 Bottle Cascade SCBA air refill system, Rescue 42’s stabilization equipment, Medical & Communications Equipment, and Heavy Lift Air Bag System.


about truck1 

Truck #1 Pumper

This truck is built by LRB Fabricators on a 1985 Chevrolet 70 Series chassis with a 427 Gas Engine and 5 Speed Manual Transmission. It has a 625 GPM Darley Mid Ship Pump and an 800 IMP. Gallon Steal Tank.


about waterRescue 

Water Rescue Craft

This is a Zodiac PRO 9, is 16 feet Long x 7 feet wide and powered by a Yamaha 60 HP. It is equipped with a Raymarine A65 GPS Chartplotter to aid in navigation of our dangerous waterways.


about atvRedWagon

ATV & Trailer

 This is a 2012 Polaris Ranger 6X6 800.  It is powered by a 4 stroke twin cylinder, 760 CC engine.  It has on demand true 6 wheel drive w/ 4 wheel drive mid differential lock up.  The Ranger sports a ground clearance of 12 inches and has a cargo capacity of 1,250 lbs.

The Ranger has been equipped with a Skeeter Space Pac: Wildland Fire Suppression skid.  It features a 75 gallon polypropylene tank with a 5 gallon foam tank.  Delivering the water is a 6.5 HP fire pump capable of 70 GPM at 100 psi.  Discharge options are multiple 1.5" and 1"  outlets.

 The trailer is an R.E.D. Wagon T.W.O (Remote patient Evacuation & Personnel deployment, Trail/Wood/Offroad edition) and is built to NFPA standards.  It features electric brakes, auxiliary lighting and rollover protection.  The trailer has capacity for transporting up to 6 firefighters or 3 injured patients. 

About The Department

The Summerville & District Fire Department first formed in 1963 following a community meeting which was called by Rev. Robert Childs. Rev. Childs called the meeting following a structure fire in the village to see if there was enough community interest in forming a fire department and so the Summerville & District Volunteer Fire Department was born.

The Department has come a long way since 1963, when our only means of fighting fire was a portable pump and a few lengths of hose and a lot of dedicated hard working men and women. The department continues to provide fire protection to the citizens of Ctr. / Lr. Burlington, Cogmagun, Riverside, Summerville, Kempt Shore, Cheverie, Bramber and mutual aid to neighbouring communities. The Department has approx 30 men and women volunteers who continually train to maintain and upgrade the much needed skills that are required of them in the ever changing fire service. The Summerville Fire Department not only provides fire fighting services, but also rescue in the form of Medical First Response, Motor Vehicle extrication, Ice & Water Rescue. The Department responds to nearly 100 calls per year.

Please enjoy the web site and forward us any feedback, we would most appreciate it. If you would like a station tour please stop by at one of our many functions or contact one of our members we would be more than happy to share some time with you. If you or someone you know would be interested in becoming a member please contact us, we would be more than happy to answer any questions. Remember the bravest thing you may ever do is fill out the application and become a member. 

Chris Spencer,
Chief of Department

Mission Statement

"To provide quality Fire Protection, Fire Prevention Education, and Fire Rescue Services to protect the lives and property of the Residents of Summerville and surrounding communities."

Contact Us

59 Summerville Wharf Rd
Summerville, Nova Scotia
B0N 2K0
Non-EmergencyPh# 633-2680
Fx# 633-2732


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In Case of Emergency Call 9-1-1